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I'm Kristen,
nice to meet you.

I am a Product Designer with a passion for products that improve lives by providing support for personal agency and democratizing access to information. Within my process, I apply a wealth of experience from my varied background.


From my studies as a front-end developer and time as a survey programmer, I understand technical constraints. From my work in healthcare, I understand the importance of empathy in developing solutions. From my experience in marketing, I understand the importance of timing and messaging in reaching people. Design allows me to take the best parts of my experiences and fashion impactful technology.


How I got started in User Experience & Product Design

I became interested in User Experience and Product Design when I realized there were principles and patterns I could use to build impactful digital products.  

What I've been working on 

I am currently working in the emerging industrial technology space. My recent projects include end-to-end product design for a maritime domain awareness solution as well as standing up a new arm of business for entering the industrial automation space. 

What I'm curious about

Again, I enjoy building products and experiences that provide support for personal agency and democratize access to information. As well as building at the intersection of software and hardware.

Contact me

Email me at: hello [@]

Thanks! Message sent.

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